Here at Will to Give we are often asked…

‘Who can leave a gift in their Will?’

There is a misconception that only the very wealthy can leave a legacy to a charity or that only a large gesture can make a difference.

The charitable gifts in Wills that hit the headlines are often substantial amounts of money or pieces of property.

But in fact, ANYONE can leave a charitable gift in their Will and every gift will make a difference to the individual work of your chosen charity.

There are different types of charitable gift that you can leave in your Will.

Residuary Gift
A gift of the residue of your estate or share of the residue, after other bequests to your family and friends, have been made and all debts, taxes, and expenses have been paid.

Pecuniary Gift
A specified sum of money determined when the Will is written.

Specific Item
A particular item of value is bequeathed, such as stocks and shares, proceeds of a Life Assurance Policy, property, furniture, jewellery, buildings, and land.

Contingent Bequest
A gift in your Will that depends on another occurrence happening. For example, it could mean leaving a gift in a Will to charity only if other beneficiaries die before the testator (the person making the Will).

If you decide to leave a charitable gift to charity, you must prepare your Will and keep it up to date.

Your solicitor or legal advisor will help you decide which type of charitable gift is most suitable for your specific set of circumstances.

All of our Will to Give member charities would ask that you look after your family and friends first before you consider leaving a gift in your Will to charity.

And they would all agree that a gift of any size is hugely appreciated and will be put to good use on current services or future plans.


Will to Give is a unique network of charities working together to encourage people in Northern Ireland to leave a charitable gift in their Will.

For more information about how you can leave a gift in your Will click here.

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