Christmas is a time when our thoughts are filled with our nearest and dearest – and rightly so.

We know over the next few days you’ll be working through those seemingly endless shopping lists and wrapping gifts.

But perhaps, when the hustle and bustle subsides why not take some time away from the festivities and get round to making a gift that will make a huge difference to your loved ones in the longer term? Take some time to get your Will in place.

A Will helps your family and friends take care of your estate and be sure they’re acting in line with your wishes. Without a Will, the process can be difficult, stressful and time-consuming for all involved. Think of how you will feel knowing that everything is in place for after you have gone; that loved ones are completely taken care of.

Another consideration when making a Will is that you have the power to make a real difference to a special cause close to your heart. Will to Give members want to help more people make gifts in their Wills to charities in Northern Ireland. Leaving a gift in your Will is essentially the last and perhaps most meaningful donation you will give to charity in your lifetime.

Surprisingly only 4 in every 100 people currently give in this way in Northern Ireland.

We know what a generous ‘wee’ country we are here in Northern Ireland when it comes to giving donations throughout our lives, so why not think about continuing this generosity after we are gone?

For expert advice on how to make a Will and leave a gift to charity click here

Thank you.

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