The Belfast Telegraph Takes Ten with Will to Give

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The Belfast Telegraph Takes Ten with Elley Martin from Will to Give

1. What’s your earliest memory?

Running after my much taller, faster big brother. There may have been sweets involved.

2. Who are the most important people in your life?

My fabulous boyfriend Ryan, dad Bob, mum Liz, brother Robert, sister Emma, bonkers nephews Scott & Ross and a bunch of incredible friends.

3. Shock us! Tell us something very surprising about yourself…

I have a 5 times a week gym habit, balanced of course by regular lovely grub munching.

4. What’s your greatest fear?

Losing a loved one.

5. What makes you most happy?

Being with lovely people, working out, pets. And without sounding too ‘Miss World-like’ trying to make a wee bit of a positive difference in this world through my job and volunteering.

The highlight of my career has been working on Baby Hearts Appeal supported by Belfast Telegraph. Working with families and children affected by congenital heart disease was and continues to be an absolute privilege. I am incredibly proud to be part of the team that raised £172,000 in 10 months from the amazingly generous NI public for the Baby Hearts Research Project underway at Ulster University.

6. And your biggest regret?

Not getting started in my career in fundraising sooner.  I always had a vague sense of wanting to do something to help other people and was involved with volunteering & charity fundraising from a young age. I was inspired in particular by mum of friend from childhood who has been a lifelong committed supporter of Save the Children. It took a wee while for me to figure out which direction to head in.

7. How do you chill out?

Spin, circuits or insanity class at my brilliant local gym, Edenmore.  I also chill through eating, walking, talking to friends & family or reading. Anything really that gets me off the laptop.

8. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in life?

You get back what you put into life, both personally and professionally. As well as the day job as Donor Marketing Manager at NICHS, I am Chairperson of Will to Give charity. Will to Give is an ever growing group of (47 at present) NI based charities who have come together to help encourage people to give to charity through a gift in their Will. At the minute a group of us across a whole range of different charities (all shapes, sizes & causes) are working together with Giving NI & STEP NI on our upcoming event on 20th April as part of Philanthropy Fortnight.  Being Chairperson of Will to Give a brilliant experience, it is incredibly satisfying working with people right across the sector to influence positive change for everybody living in Northern Ireland.

9. The book and film that means the most to you – and why?

Book – gosh, impossible to pick. With my dad being a retired teacher of English it would need to be a classic or I’ll be in bother.

Film to be honest, doesn’t hold a huge interest for me much to my boyfriend’s horror. If I really had to pick it would be Aristocats, I’m a sucker for a tuneful furry critter or two.

10. If you could change one thing …. what would it be?

I am going to be greedy and suggest two things.

That every adult in Northern Ireland goes to their solicitor or professional advisor and has their Will written. A Will helps your nearest and dearest take care of your estate and reassures them that they’re acting in line with your wishes. Without a Will, the process can be especially difficult, stressful and time-consuming for loved ones. It’s astonishing that at the moment only 4 in 10 people in NI have a Will in place.

And at the same time I would have everyone consider leaving gift in their Will to a charity close to their heart. Charitable gifts in Wills are absolutely crucial to making Northern Ireland a better place, not just for our loved ones but for future generations.

Email today on info@willtogive.org.org.s214960.gridserver.com to get your free Will Making Guide.

Philanthropy Fortnight, Northern Ireland’s annual celebration of giving, takes place from April 18-29. 

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