A Will is important.

Having one is the only way to make sure the things that are important to you, like your property, the items you own and the savings you have are passed on to the people you care about.

Without a Will, the state will decide who gets what.

And that may not be what you want.

Making your Will is usually quite straightforward, especially if you do a little bit of planning in advance.

To help you get started have a look at our Will-writing guide which you can download here.

It prompts you to think about:

  1. The value of your estate including any debts you might have
  2. Who you would like to be the executors of your Will
  3. How you would like your estate to be divided

Friends and family will obviously come first, but you may also wish to leave a gift to a charity that means something to you.

The donation can be as small or large as you like.

You can find these details using our Choose a charity tool, or search for details of all registered charities in Northern Ireland on the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland website.

If you’re ready to make your Will, you can do it online for free with Bequeathed. Or you can find a solicitor using the Law Society’s search for a solicitor tool.

Most solicitors are holding virtual consultations with their clients and have made provisions to allow Wills to be signed and witnessed in line with covid restrictions.

It is important to remember that Wills cannot be witnessed virtually in Northern Ireland.

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