We need your help!

Will to Give would like to understand more about why people choose to support a specific charity or charities.

We would like to speak to people who support one of our member charities which are listed here.

We’d love to hear your individual story of support, how you first became aware of the charity and your reasons for supporting it, how you support it e.g. volunteering, taking part in fundraising events, regular donations or leaving a gift in your Will and how you plan to continue supporting it.

You can share your stories in a number of ways…

  1. By completing a short questionnaire – we will email you a link to a questionnaire which we would like you to complete and return to us with a couple of photographs.
  2. Telephone interview – we will call you and do a short telephone interview, which we will record.
  3. Record a video – you can record a video of yourself telling us why you support your chosen charity and then email it over to us.

If you’d like to share your story please get in touch by emailing info@willtogive.org

We will use your story as part of our ‘Future Kindness’ campaign to demonstrate how important the work of our favourite charities really is to the people who support them.

Photo Credit: Aware