What we do
Simon Community Northern Ireland is the leading homeless charity in Northern Ireland providing accommodation and other support services to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Homelessness is so much more than people sleeping on the streets.

Most people who are homeless are hidden from view, but we know that they are there. Every day, Simon Community Northern Ireland sees the impact that homelessness has upon the lives of ordinary people, even here in our relatively prosperous part of the world.

Each year, we help thousands of people who have lost their home or are desperately trying to keep a roof over their heads. Many of the people who we help have fallen into homelessness because of complex dependency issues, after leaving care or through abuse. We think that this is socially, morally, and politically unacceptable.

Gifts in Wills

When you consider writing a Will it’s natural to think about your home and what it means to you and your family. At Simon Community NI we are working hard to ensure that anyone who is in need has access to a safe and secure home and has no need to fear the prospect of living on the streets.

Leaving a legacy gift in your Will is a great way to help Simon Community NI continue to rebuild lives, and support those in need far into the future. With your support our work can be life changing and truly lifesaving.

Contact Us

Name: Frank Nealis
Telephone: 02890 232882
Email: FrankNealis@SimonCommunity.org
Website: www.simoncommunity.org

Information your solicitor will need

Registered Address: Simon Community NI 25-27 Franklin Street, Belfast BT2 8DS
Registered Charity Number: XN 48689