What we do

RSPB NI has been working here since 1966 to make Northern Ireland a better place for nature and people.  We protect, restore and look after precious places for threatened birds and other wildlife. We look after some of Northern Ireland’s most special landscapes, our nature reserves offer first hand experiences to connect people of all ages and backgrounds to the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

We are totally committed to education projects introducing children to nature and encouraging better health and wellbeing by engaging with, learning about and respecting the environment and creatures we share our lives with. We should all be able to have a favourite outdoor place, a forest, river, park or beach, somewhere we feel free and uplifted. From breath taking landscapes to intimate moments with wildlife, we work to create magical experiences for you.

Our aim is simple and sure, it’s to inspire everyone to give nature a home so our towns, coastline and countryside will teem with life once again.

Gifts in Wills

Legacies are a lifeline for nature. They are vitally important in helping us protect wild places and vulnerable species. A gift left in your will lets us plan for the future and ensure wildlife prospers for generations to come.

Our work is crucial to the survival of endangered species and habitats. We work in partnership with the local farming community to secure a step change in sustainable land use practice, good for farmers, for nature and communities. At the same time, we actively encourage children and families to give nature a home in gardens and parks with plants and insects to attract wildlife.

Our work is Northern Ireland is made possible by the generosity of our donors, members, volunteers and supporters. We are so grateful for each and every gift no matter how large or small.  That’s your legacy to ensure precious wildlife always has a home – from the butterflies that flutter through our parks, to the bees that set our wild meadows buzzing to the garden birds joyous in song, that brighten our day.

Contact Us

Name: Terry Goldsmith
Telephone: 02890 690841
Email: terry.goldsmith@rspb.org.uk
Website: www.rspb.org.uk

Information your solicitor will need

Registered Address: Belvoir Park Forest, Belfast BT8 7QT

Registered Charity Number: 207076