The Northern Ireland that we know and love has become unrecognisable in a matter of weeks.

Nobody remains untouched by the Coronavirus pandemic.

We’re all scrambling to get used to new ways of working, new ways of schooling, new ways of shopping, new ways of exercising, new ways of just getting through each day and trying to hold on to hope and positivity that this time will come to an end.

But at what cost?

Lives lost, families changed forever, businesses closed, increased levels of poor mental & physical health are a certainty.

Our Will to Give member charities are also having to adapt at pace.

Many are trying to use new technologies to continue to provide their services or implementing social distancing guidance to still provide care and support to vulnerable people.

Many have launched crisis appeals to allow them to develop brand new services to meet the changing needs of the people they support.

Some have launched appeals for support to ensure they are still there for the people that need them when this is all over.

The work of our favourite charities is still needed even during a global pandemic and it will be needed even more when this is all over, to help with the economic, social and health impact of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Will to Give’s message has always been clear, look after your family and friends first.

And this message has not changed.

However, we are asking those that can, to please continue to support your chosen charity or charities.

If your financial situation allows it – please keep your monthly direct debit or standing order in place.

Or if you can, make a one-off donation to an appeal of your choice.

If you had planned to hold a fundraising event, could you take it online for example a Zoom quiz?

Every donation no matter what size will make a difference right now.

Cancelled fundraising events, corporate fundraising paused, grant funds suspended, closed charity shops will all have an immediate impact on the ability of our much-loved charities to provide their vital services now and in the future.

Charities will be called upon to support people in areas of employment, training and wellbeing. They will be asked to alleviate the pressure on our NHS and social care services supporting the most vulnerable in our society.

They are ready to step up and do what they do best.

But they will need your help and our message is simple if you can, please continue to support your chosen charity.

Stay safe, stay well.

Image Credit: Aware