8 of the best New Year’s Resolutions.

Are you feeling a bit more optimistic for the coming year 2022. It seems that quite a lot of people are. Maybe that optimism is reflected in your new year resolutions.

We’ve picked out 9 of our favourite and added 1 of our own – can you guess which one is ours?

  1. Read More – for those of you who are ‘readers’ this probably doesn’t require much thought. But why not try and read outside your comfort zone – try a different genre of book or an author you’ve never tried or heard of.
  2. Volunteer – it can be hard to find the time to commit to a regular volunteering role but some can be as little as an hour a week, or a couple of hours a month. Check out Volunteer Now’s opportunities.
  3. Try a Challenge – January is the month for challenges, so it seems – with Dry January, Veganuary all options. Or why not just make up your own?
  4. Budget Better – there’s nothing like the never-ending Christmas spending that makes you take stock and think about your future finances. There’s lots of amazing tools and apps available to help you get started.
  5. Learn – a new skill or start a new hobby, obvious one maybe but so many of us have a list of things we’d like to have a try at. It could be just for fun or something really helpful like sign-language…
  6. Friends & Family – commit to spending more time with friends and family, surrounding yourself with a supportive network is one sure way to improve your well being into the New Year.
  7. Habits – form some new ‘good’ habits. Even if it’s just starting the day with a glass of water or getting in your recommended daily number of steps.
  8. Write your Will – you knew it was coming didn’t you! Writing a Will is often on the ‘long’ list of to do items. But if you’re a property owner, have children or have recently got married, it’s maybe time to bump it up the list a bit!

For more information about writing your Will click here.

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