Will to Give is dedicating the week of 5th-11th November to encourage people to think about making their Will and perhaps consider leaving a charitable gift to your favourite cause, with our Change the Future campaign – how will you #changethefuture? 

The National Trust, NI (one of Will to Give’s charity members) are very grateful for the gifts in Wills they receive.

All of the legacy gifts are used within Northern Ireland and have allowed them to fund a range amazing of projects such as:

  • The purchase of bespoke feeders for red squirrels (protected species)
  • Stone conservation work at some of their key mansion house sites; Central hall floor at Mount Stewart and re-cobbling of stableyard at Florence Court
  • Investment in the development of some of their significant gardens – the purchase of specimen plants/southern hemisphere etc. Rowallane Garden, Mount Stewart
  • One gift also allowed the National Trust, NI to purchase mobility scooters and loop system to improve enjoyment of visitors to Castle Ward

Find out more about the National Trust, NI and how you can leave a gift in your Will to them here

Picture (right): Central hall floor at Mount Stewart – original stone floor

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