This year’s theme is KINDNESS.

Mental Health Awareness Week is hosted annually by the Mental Health Foundation.

It is the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health and mental health problems and inspire action to promote the message of good mental health for all.

The theme is the power and the potential of kindness.

The Mental Health Foundation has chosen kindness,  “Because of its singular ability to unlock our shared humanity.

Kindness strengthens relationships, develops community and deepens solidarity.

It is a cornerstone of our individual and collective mental health.

Wisdom from every culture across history recognises that kindness is something that all human beings need to experience and practise to be fully alive.”

Lots of Will to Give member charities will be getting involved this year, but Action Mental Health and Aware lead the way as our two member charities working to improve the lives of people with mental health needs.

Action Mental Health has been supporting the campaign each year and this year, though slightly different, is no exception.

This week it will be sharing with you stories and pictures of kindness and practicing acts of kindness to ourselves and others.

It will also be sharing some advice and tips from AMH Project Workers.

Here’s just a few of online activities that you can get involved in:

Virtual Great Big Purple Picnic 

‘Healthy Me’ online sessions for parents and carers

Action Mental Health Great Big Purple Picnic

The Great Big Purple Picnic goes virtual in 2020.


Check out Aware’s Facebook Page for more information on its activities this Mental Health Awareness Week including:

Introduction to Mindfulness – Free Online Sessions

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week, Aware has launched a free, online version of its Living Life to the Full well-being programme!

Living Life to the Full Wellbeing Programme

Aware’s Living Life to the Full Wellbeing Programme goes online.

The six-session programme uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) concepts to help you manage your feelings when you are stressed, worried, or depressed.

It teaches you simple, practical skills to help you cope with life’s challenges. The session will be delivered in short video sessions on YouTube

For more info and to register, go to

Registration for this course will close at 10pm on Sunday 24th May

Action Mental Health and Aware are both members of Will to Give – you can support either charity by leaving a gift in your Will. For more information about how to leave a gift in your Will click here.