Will to Give is delighted to welcome Nexus NI and Rosie’s Trust to the Will to Give family of charities.

Together, we are a stronger voice for gifts in Wills in Northern Ireland.

Nexus NI

Nexus NI offers services and support to people who have been affected by sexual violence in any form, and its services are delivered across Northern Ireland and include:

Counselling – 1-1 specialist counselling delivered at over 25 locations across the province. 

Training – Training for professionals and individuals who want to understand the impact of sexual violence and better support its victims. 

Education  – Post Primary School education programs are available which offer fact-based information and discussion with young people on topics including; sexual violence, including spotting the signs of exploitation and grooming and sexting and the law.  

Support – Additional support services for families and others.  

Helplines – A list of helplines that people may want to access.

Websites – A list of websites offering advice and support to people affected by sexual violence. 

Rosie’s Trust

Rosie’s Trust is a unique Northern Ireland charity formed in January 2015 to support people who are terminally ill, older with disability, those who are undergoing cancer treatment and their companion pets.

It helps and support in all aspects of pet care so the owner and the pet can stay together.

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, disability or terminal illness your whole world changes, there is so much to worry about, so much to face and the one thing you need is your companion pet – but often people who are in this position struggle to provide the care they know their pet needs and worry about the future safety and happiness of their beloved companion.

Rosie’s Trust understands this bond, we understand our canine & feline companions and with the help of its trained volunteers it aims to support the relationship as long as they are needed to reduce the stress felt by the human and the pet as much as possible.

Both of these amazing local charities would welcome the pledge of a charitable gift in your Will to ensure they are always here when they are needed.

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