Will to Give is dedicating the first week in November to promoting an increasingly popular way of giving, leaving a charitable gift in your Will, with our Do it for Your Cause campaign #mycause.  Join us outside the gates of Belfast City Hall between 10:30pm and 2:30pm on Tuesday 1st November and write on our huge chalkboard what your favourite cause is and why? Or join Will to Give on facebook and Twitter #mycause and share with us your cause and why it is close to your heart. After all the people of Northern Ireland are world renowned for their generosity.

And while we’re on the subject, would you consider leaving a charitable gift in your Will to your cause? Every day right here in Northern Ireland lives are transformed thanks to the generosity of gifts left in Wills by local people. These gifts make a huge contribution to our work and typically fund life-changing research projects and services which can impact on thousands of local lives.     

Making a Will is something we all tend to put off, but it really is a hugely worthwhile thing to do.  It gives us an opportunity to ensure our wishes are carried out, our family and friends are taken care of and charities close to our hearts are helped. Anyone can leave a gift in their Will. It really doesn’t matter what size – small or large, every gift is greatly received.  

Gillian Parker is just one of Will to Give’s group of ambassadors. She has been kind enough to share her personal story of why she has committed to leaving a gift in her Will to charity.

“Over the last 3 years, working for Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke, I have met a number of people with long term health conditions. But the ones that have had the most effect on me are the people my own age who have survived a stroke. So many times, I have either done a quick calculation in my head or been told someone’s age, and have realised they are the same age as me.

I am 48 years old. I love my life, my family, my friends, my work, my holidays, doing what I want when I want and I can’t imagine how awful it must be to have those things suddenly ripped away from you. To have to learn to walk and talk again. To experience changes in your personality that upset your loved ones and frustrate yourself. To suddenly have all your hopes and dreams for the future – your family life, career or even retirement – swept away must be very difficult to cope with, both for you and your partner and family. Even those who make a good recovery are left with a very deep fear that it will happen again, and next time it may be worse. Their stroke defines the rest of their lives one way or another.

So many people I have met have told me that without Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke they would never have regained their lives. They tell me how they were almost resigned to the fact that their life was over – at this age! But yet we provided the light at the end of the tunnel, the hope that things could improve, and the understanding and support to get there. If, and I really hope it never does, something like this happens to me, I would be very grateful that someone before me had left money in their Will so that, even though their own life was over, I could be given mine back.”

Join Will to Give on facebook and Twitter #mycause and share with us your cause and why it is close to your heart. You can also use our #mycause board here Email info@willtogive.org.org.s214960.gridserver.com for more information.

Further information

Will to Give is a charity dedicated to promoting charitable gifts in Wills in Northern Ireland. With over 50 charity members, representing all sizes and causes, Will to Give is making steady progress in raising awareness of the significance and positive impact associated with leaving a charitable Will gift.

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