Now that we are coming into holiday season, it’s a good time to check if you have everything in order before embarking on your trip, whether it’s a venture of a lifetime or a relaxing break away from the busyness of everyday life.

Could one of these situations apply to you? If so, you should consider making a Will.

  • It’s the first time you and your partner are leaving your children. What happens if you don’t return?
  • You are going on an activity packed holiday and planning high risk, adrenaline flowing activities!
  • Your relaxing cruise has the potential to turn into chaos.

At this point, are you questioning whether you have anything to consider or leave in your Will?

Many people mistakenly think their estate isn’t large enough to warrant making a Will. The fact is that if you have any assets at all, making a Will ensures they go to the people you want to benefit (your beneficiaries). As with all things, the sooner you do it the better.

In your Will you can also do important things like include specific funeral arrangements and appoint legal guardians for your children.

Making a Will takes no time at all

It really doesn’t take long to make a Will. Just arrange to see your solicitor, let them know the things you own and who you would like to leave them to. 

To ensure your Will is valid it should be prepared by a solicitor.  Do-It-Yourself Wills may save a little on fees, but are often invalid or at best unclear and this can cause problems for your loved ones later.

Leaving a gift to your favourite charity

It is easy to leave a gift in your Will to charity. Many people who give to charity throughout their lives also choose to make a gift to their chosen charities in their Will. For some, a gift in their Will may be the largest donation they ever give to charity. A gift, whether small or large, always makes a big difference to the charity concerned. In most cases, gifts to charity are free of tax.

How Will to Give can help

Will to Give is made up of a group of 55 local charities who have come together with the one aim – to promote gifts in Wills.

We want to ensure that charitable giving through Wills becomes something everyone considers here  in Northern Ireland.

And remember get cracking on your Will before holidaying, leave a gift to a cause closest to you and help change the future. 

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