A gift in your Will means you can continue supporting a charity that has been a part of your life.

You really don’t have to be wealthy or influential to leave a legacy and make a difference. We offer support, advice and information to help you make your Will.

When Andy Anderson from Bangor was diagnosed with testicular cancer, the cancer was found to have spread to his brain.  At one point, he was not expected to see out the night.  Thankfully though, he did survive, as Andy himself says:

“Sixteen years later I am still here enjoying life. I was told I was a hero – I had beaten cancer! But the truth is, my survival was not just down to me; rather it’s the achievement of a cast of thousands.

I can’t thank all those who are responsible – the vast majority are and will always be totally anonymous, but I can honour their gift to me; the gift of life itself.  I can’t pay it back, but I can ‘pay it forward’. I’ve written my Will and I have left a percentage of my estate to Cancer Research UK. It’s the least I can do to express my gratitude.”

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