Andrea Reid Solicitors is proud to support Will to Give.

Will to Give is made up of an ever-growing group of Northern Ireland charities who have come together with one aim – to promote gifts in wills to all charities, right here in Northern Ireland.

If you are or have been thinking of making a Will – now’s the time to do it! A Will that is professionally prepared allows you to be reassured that your final wishes will be understood by those closest to you.

When making a Will you may choose to leave a gift to any charity you wish or indeed none at all. As you may be aware Disability Action is Andrea Reid Solicitors chosen Charity. Disability Action is a founder member of Will to Give.

Why do Andrea Reid Solicitors support Disability Action? 

Principal Solicitor Andrea Reid has a long held personal and professional interest in ensuring that the rights of disabled people are upheld here in Northern Ireland. Miss Reid has in the course of her career to date supported innumerable disabled clients throughout NI to challenge decisions made by individuals, private enterprises and Public Bodies which ultimately threaten or impede on their rights as citizens.

Her interests include challenging the lack of awareness around intersectionality in relation to disability, the devastating impacts of ongoing Welfare reform from a rights perspective, the issues arising around capacity to consent, the employment gap for disabled people and the ongoing challenges arising for individuals, public, private and voluntary bodies as a result of divergence in key disability legislation between NI and GB.

Miss Reid believes systemic ableism has no place in NI Society and that we all must take collective responsibility to support disabled people in breaking down the myriad of socially constructed barriers they face – wherever they may be found. Miss Reid and her staff remain firmly committed to playing their part in doing this and in supporting Disability Action in their 30th Year and beyond

Elley Martin, Chairperson of Will to Give, tells us about the importance of Andrea Reid Solicitors support:

“Will to Give want to encourage more people to make a Will, and at the same time consider the giving of a legacy to their favourite charity or charities. The member charities of Will to Give always advise anyone thinking of making a will to contact a solicitor or professional advisor to write or amend their Will. Therefore, the more solicitors who are aware of our work, and can reiterate the positive aspects of leaving a gift to charity in your Will after loved ones are taken care of, the better it is for everyone. By displaying our leaflets and just making their clients aware of the work of Will to Give, Andrea Reid Solicitors is helping to support the work that we do.”

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