A gift in a Will helped gave one million Bibles to people in Cuba

A Londonderry lady left a gift in her Will to the Bible Society NI. Her gift has made sure that the story of Jesus is passed on to the next generation in Cuba. Her gift is changing the future for people, both young and old.

The Bible Society NI was able to channel this generous gift to Cuba where Bible Societies are giving Bibles to people all over the country. The goal was to give out one million Bibles. Reina (pictured) from Holguin was so pleased to receive one of these Bibles.

Reina is a primary school teacher who spends most of her free time volunteering in her church and telling people in her village about Jesus. She says, “this is what God has called me to do… to share God’s Word with others.” When she was given her new Bible, she was so happy that she kissed it. But her reaction to the volunteer’s questions showed just how much this distribution of Bibles meant to her.

The volunteers asked her if she had any Bibles to share with the children and adults she was working with. She replied that she didn’t. Reina was telling people about Jesus and she was sad that she didn’t have any Bibles to give to them. Then when the volunteers asked her how she would feel if they gave her Bibles that she could share, Reina burst into tears. Leaning her head on the shoulder of the person beside her she said, “then I would be very, very happy.”

There are a real lack of Bibles in Cuba and people are crying out for them. People long to read the good news for themselves. A gift left in a Will by a Londonderry lady helped Bible Societies reach their goal of one million Bibles in Cuba. But there are still people waiting. 

Leaving a gift in your Will will make sure that God’s Word is passed on to the next generation. 

“We will tell the next generation about the Lord’s power and his great deeds and the wonderful things he has done.” Psalm 78:4 (GNT)

It only took £5 to give Reina a Bible. After you’ve looked after your family and loved ones in your Will, a gift of even 1% to the Bible Society NI could share the Bible with Sunday School classes in Cuba, with families in Malawi, or with Christians in China. The Bible is being shared all over the world – your gift could help change the future of people by sharing the good news of life in Christ.

To find out more about The Bible Society NI and how you can leave a gift in your Will click here


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