Christmas is a time when our thoughts are filled with our nearest and dearest – and rightly so.

We know over the next few days you’ll be working through those seemingly endless shopping lists and wrapping gifts.

But perhaps, when the hustle and bustle subsides why not take some time away from the festivities and get round to making a gift that will make a huge difference to your loved ones in the longer term? Take some time to get your Will in place.

Making a Will is important because it gives you the peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be respected. It also means you can look after your loved ones, friends or charities close to your heart.

A gift left in your Will is an opportunity to give more than you might ever have been able to give during your life, providing comfort, care and compassion long into the future. A gift, whether small or large, always makes a big difference to your chosen charity or charities.


In fact, in Northern Ireland 1 person in every 10 who make a Will are leaving a gift to charity.


What Next?

To make or update your Will, just arrange to see your solicitor. For information on finding and choosing a solicitor, visit the Law Society of Northern Ireland website

Your answers to frequently asked questions can be found here

To find out how your gift could help charities click here

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