What we do

Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. We work with some of the world’s poorest people, supporting communities and delivering long-term change to people’s lives. Established in 1973, today Trócaire works in over 20 countries on issues including livelihoods, human rights, gender equality, HIV, climate change and emergency relief.

In Ireland, we raise awareness about the causes of poverty through our outreach programmes in the education sector, through parish networks and through our public campaigns and advocacy work. Trócaire was set up in 1973 by the Bishops of Ireland to express the concern of the Irish Catholic Church for the suffering of the world’s poorest people.

Gifts in Wills

You can be assured that leaving a gift of any value in your will can make a real and lasting difference to the people that Trócaire works with for generations to come.  When making a will it is important to provide for our loved ones – our family, friends and relatives. Yet it is also a unique chance to provide for those causes closest to our heart and leave a lasting contribution.

From the beginning, Trócaire’s aim has not just been to feed the hungry, but to question why people have no food. Trócaire envisages a just and peaceful world where people’s dignity is ensured and rights are respected; where basic needs are met and resources are shared equitably; where people have control over their own lives and those in power act for the common good.

Contact Us

Name: Siobhan Hanley
Telephone: 02890 808030
Email: siobhan.hanley@trocaire.org
Website: http://www.trocaire.org/donate/leave-a-legacy

Information for your solicitor

Registered Address: Trocaire, 50 King Street, Belfast, BT1 6AD
Registered Charity Number: XR10431