Will to Give is a membership charity open to all charities operating in Northern Ireland.

Together we’re a stringer voice promoting gifts in Wills for the benefit of all charities in Northern Ireland.

We have 2 Membership options.

Tier 1 Membership costs £295/year brings your charity the following benefits:

  1. Access to monthly Will Notification Report Prepared by Sector Matters and contains information on all gifts in Wills probated in Northern Ireland
  2. Information, support and shared knowledge from other charity members and peers
  3. Access to a minimum of 3 training sessions per year – 2 of which will be free of charge
  4. Attendance at WTG Events
  5. Dedicated WTG member web page
  6. Use of WTG logo
  7. Access to WTG materials including Will Making Guide, leaflet and social media content
  8. Access to information from Michael Graham, WTG Special Advisor and Head of Private Client, Cleaver Fulton Rankin Solicitors
  9. Access to WTG professional advisor audience including Probate Practitioners
  10. Opportunity to support and influence a dynamic organisation crucial to the sustainability of charities in NI.

Tier 2 Membership costs £695/year and brings the following additional benefit:

  1. Access to WillGiftsNI Service – Your charity will receive a copy of any Wills that contain charitable gifts to your named charity.

The benefits of notification service to charities:

  1. Better planning for future income from legacies
  2. Opportunities to liaise with ‘executors’ for more information concerning the gift
  3. Better understanding of the gifts left to them in wills probated in Northern Ireland
  4. Better profile of the person who has left them a gift in their Will.

Susan Wilson, Legacy Manager, The Queen’s University of Belfast Foundation:

‘Being an active member of Will to Give offers me the support of a wide network of peers from other local charities. What’s more, the regular notification reports and training events enable me to keep abreast of current information and developments in the area of legacies. And now that we are up to 50 member charities, our strength lies in our numbers, allowing us to share the impact of gifts in wills – ultimately helping many worthy Northern Ireland charities and their beneficiaries.’ 

If you would like to join Will to Give to work together with other Northern Ireland charities to promote Gifts in Wills then please fill in the form below:

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What We Do

Help you to understand why you should write a Will and how you can leave a charitable gift in your Will.

Work with solicitors to support them to ask their clients if they would like to leave a charitable gift in their Will.

Support our member charities to become more effective at promoting gifts in Wills.

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